Alluring Pools

and Improvements

Alluring Pools

and Improvements

 Making Life at Home Beautiful

with Affordable Pools


Here is a Beautiful Pool that Will Fit a Smaller Budget

It is Built with the Same Quality of Materials and Equipment as any of Our Pools, it’s just not so large and does not have the things that can spike the cost such as a spa, heater, massive amounts of decking etc

This pool is currently being offered for $26,648.


The only things that would bring the price up would be the following:

These Items are not included in the price:

Sales Tax – Permits are Already Included for Pinal County 

Hard Dig, Water Dig or Dump Fees Not Included if Required. We usually have lots of free dump sites.

Longer Plumbing, Electrical Runs, Other Pool Equipment or Options. – We give you 30 Ft from Pool to Equipment instead of the standard 15′. We give you 30′ of Pool Light conduit instead of 20′. More does not cost much.

Costs for Barrier Code Requirements – You just have to put up your Door Alarms


This is a complete pool as is and has Travertine Coping and Decking, a Real Pebble Finish – PebbleTec, Pebble Sheen or WetEdge Pebble, (no quartz or plaster poz, stonecrete or glass beads from China).

You get the same VS 900 Variable Speed Pump, Full Size LED Light (not 1 or 2 – 1.5″ lights), WiFi Light Control and Timer that can control other switches in your home from your phone, Quad Cartridge Filter, 4 Looped Venturi Surface Returns and much more. See plan for complete list and also visit our “What Our Pools Include” page.

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This classification allows the licensee to construct and repair of appurtenances to residential structures. Work related to electrical, plumbing, air conditioning systems, boilers, and water wells must be subcontracted to an appropriately licensed contractor.  This scope includes the CR-21, B-5, and all B-4R sub-classifications.